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Our Commitment to Quality

PTG Group of companies delivers a diverse range of professional services which includes investigation, testing, research, planning, design, management and implementation phase services to improve physical and social infrastructure and environments for communities.

Our corporate objective is to provide quality outcomes and ensure safety in project delivery through a process of continuous improvement which is central to our quality management system.

To achieve this objective, PTG Group has developed and maintains a quality management system for the provision of engineering, testing and consultancy services. 

The Quality Management Policy is implemented through the following key strategies:

  • A clear focus on meeting Client needs, we comply with project requirements.

  • The maintenance of, and strict adherence to, a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001.

  • A focus on recruiting and retaining highly motivated people with the appropriate qualifications and proven work skills.

  • Encouraging and facilitating the professional development of our people aimed at enhancing and expanding their work skills.

  • Ongoing development and maintenance of an effective information management and documentation system.

  • Adoption of a management structure that drives positive attitudes, encourages personal and technical development, and which rewards effort, integrity and initiative.

  • Being adaptive to the changing management, technical and physical environment in which we work.

  • Encompassing the principles of “Safety in Design” in our quality system for the delivery of infrastructure.

The assurance of quality is integral to all work undertaken by PTG Group and is practised by all staff in their daily activities with a focus on delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients.
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