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PTG Group Expands Portfolio with Addition of Soil Engineering Services (SES)

PTG Group today announced the addition of Soil Engineering Services (SES) to its portfolio. This strategic move underscores PTG Groups' continued commitment to its rapid expansion strategy, further strengthening its presence in Regional Queensland.

Through this addition, PTG Group proudly welcomes 25 experienced professionals from SES to their growing team. This significant expansion means that PTG Group will now have an enhanced presence across Regional Queensland, specifically in key locations like Townsville and Mackay.

Jamie Alonso, CEO of PTG Group, expressed enthusiasm about the joining of the companies.

“The addition of SES is an important step in our journey towards achieving our strategic objectives. It not only complements our portfolio but also amplifies our Construction Materials Testing (CMT) capabilities. The new locations open a range of new opportunities, and I’m eagerly anticipating the value they will bring to our wider business,” Alonso remarked.

PTG Group remains committed to delivering exceptional service to its clients, and this addition signifies the company’s dedication to serving a larger segment of the regional Queensland population. Both teams are gearing up for a seamless integration process to ensure continued delivery of top-notch services to all clients.

We extend our thanks to Tim Hall for his commitment and excellence he brought to SES over the past 33 years and we hope to continue in his shoes. The company also extends its warmest welcome to General Managers Matt McCarthy and Sean Radford, and the rest of SES team, and expresses gratitude to all stakeholders involved for ensuring a smooth transition process.


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